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Local strategies research is the investigation of tactical processes for managing and improving social life that are developed in, and indigenous to, a given locale or community. It involves not only local tactics, enacted and articulated, but also local notions of the problematic and the possible in social life.

The Center works with and through its associate scholars, who work throughout the world in contexts of health care, government, planning, education, development, security, and humanitarian support.

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Previous Report from the Field

Louisa Edgerly has written “Initial Fieldwork Impressions from the Congo.”  Dr. Edgerly is studying the communication and talk of three groups involved in pandemic prevention: the scientists doing research on viruses; health communication workers who try to educate local populations about disease; and the local people who are the targets of this health communication. She recently concluded a study of the International Conservation and Education Fund (INCEF), a non-governmental organization based in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.